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Blank screen on chromecast


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MB Classic ver 3.0.5490.2


Problem just started today, using MB client on iPad also on iPhone.

TV screen showing usual chromecast wallpaper.

Select client on iPad. - click Chromecast

TV screen goes blank instead of showing Ready to Cast etc. Attempt to play video. Nothing happens.

Same problem using iPhone app so problem seems to be with Chromecast or MB Server?

Works fine if I play video on iPad.

Chromecast works fine with YouTube and iPlayer.

iPad chromecast app updated yesterday!

Did something change in chromecast - do they not keep you guys in loop with updates?

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Same problem here, my brother set everything up a couple weeks ago so was going to speak to him but my money is on the chromecast update being the issue.

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We have had the same issue we only set it up 2 days ago all worked fine on set-up but since yesterday we can't watch any movies as when we cast all we get is a blank screen - can you help fix it? If not will have to take chromecast back as it is useless without access to our movie library?

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I have a mediabrowser server set up at my parents house... several ios & android devices, Roku3 and a chromecast. Last night my Dad calls me frantically that the chromecast is not working and it worked fine the night before. I come across this post with the exact issue... everything works but the chromecast (no ready to cast screen). So I know it's not the device itself.


I do hope they can patch this up quick.

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