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Transcoding question


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I'm not sure I've quite got my head around the transcoding, direct stream, direct play config from MBS.


I've searched, and read a few threads about transcoding. But everyone asks slightly different questions. Usually related to Android, iOS or Roku devices.
So i'm going to ask my own questions.


I'm still researching MB3 before making the jump from MB2.

At the moment I'm not concerned about using mobile devices (phones or tablets).


Will be installing MB3 server/classic on my HTPC & media is stored on a NAS.


If I use MB Theatre on a Win 8.1 laptop (doesn't have WMC) with the same codecs installed (Shark btw), that connects to the Server install on the HTPC.
Will the HTPC just direct play (or is that direct stream??), so HTPC doesn't perform any transcoding? Presumably then the transcoding is performed on the laptop.
Is that right?


If I currently use my Xbox 360 as an extender (with MB2) watching movies. It causes the HTPC to run hotter, as this transcodes the movies to the 360, making the fan profile kick in and make more noise.

WAF doesn't approve!

Hoping that using a laptop will prevent this annoyance ;)

I understand that even with MB3 the 360 will still need the HTPC to transcode (most movies are mkv).


Sorry if this has been explained before but I couldn't find it!

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If the client app can play the media then there wont be transcoding.  The MBC and MBTclients are far and away the least likely to transcode of the MBT clients.  Kodi is also unlikely to transcode I imagine.

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