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Substitution Path setup


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Hallo there,


I'm a little bit confused in the configuration of the substitution path.

My shared folders are all located into a external hdd (e.g. d:\mp3) , and the MB library is corecly mapped to them and it's woking very fine


I do not understand what in the substitution path do you mean with "\\MyServer\"?


It's just:


- the name of the pc which the MB server it's running?

- the IP of the pc which the MB server it's running?

- the IP for MB server remote access?


by those example i've tried the following substitutions


- From D:\mp3 to  \\MyPCname\mp3

From D:\mp3 to  \\192.XX.XX.XX\mp3

From D:\mp3 to  \\MYDDNS.Net:8096\mp3


Please help me to find the correct solution for that issue

Thanks in advance




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Any of the first two, kinda :)


Path-substitution should be used if you have machines on your local network who wants to have direct access to the content. That's why they recommend that you add your libraries with UNC path's directly instead of using the workaround (More necessary for a server running under linux as an example)


So instead of adding D:\mp3 I would recommend that you either add it as \\ComputerName\mp3 or \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\mp3.


But if you want to use path substitutions instead, either of the 2 first will work :)


The third won't work since you can't access shares across the internet like that.

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