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Metadata in foreign langage but not Images...


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Do you have any idea when that poster was put up there?  The information shown on their web pages and the information made available to the API are not identical.  There is a lag between the two.  Perhaps that is what is going on here.


Are you getting any french posters?

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also keep reporting on this as new dev builds come out. as i'm adding support for manual image downloads i'm also uncovering issues in the current code.

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When you choose French for example as your favorite langage, metadata are in french for Movies (and for TVshows) but not always primary images for an unknown reason.


In the last dev release Version 3.0.5052.39573of MB Server you can chose images for movies from Themoviedb.org and FanArt...but not all images are loaded...


For example, for the movie Down of the Dead, it exists on Themoviedb.org a primary images with french title "L'armée des morts" when you chose French for your favorite langage : this primary image is never loaded by MB3 Server.


It would be great if dev team could solve this issue that we can chose the primary image we want...


Best Regards

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