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Option to have OSD automatically move within video / outside of black bars on wider than 16X9?



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  1. 1. Add a feature that adjusts OSD placement (if possible with coding)

    • Yes, that'd be great for us using a projector and masking.
    • No, don't see any use for that.

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Very new to MTB so still figuring everything out, and I couldn't see a thread for this. If there is and I didn't find it, please excuse me. Also, not sure how many would be interested in this...


I use a projector, a 16x9 projector and I manually mask my letterbox, to create a better theater experience, but when I mask the letterbox, the OSD menu and information ends up on the masked letterbox. It's both hard to see and not very pretty.


Would it be possible to include an option where during playback the OSD automatically moves within the video content? There could be an option in setting to auto adjust OSD to mask on/ff or something similar.


I don't know much about coding, so I don't know if this would be possible or not or very hard.


Default, OSD at Top/Bottom of screen



With Masking Feature ON


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