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How is the home or local network defined?


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I'd like to redefine the meaning of local network to include one remote location/ip address so that the Roku at my cabin won't need to login with a password, but from other external locations a user/password would be necessary.  


How is the local network defined?  Can I add the static ip of my cabin router somewhere in a config file?


I understand how to set up a password for users not on the local network, and I'd like to apply that security, but I (and other users) really don't want to have to enter in a password every time I start up the Roku at the cabin/the channel updates...


I suppose there are a couple of other options. but redefining local network to also include the remote ip is the best solution I can think of.  I have set up a VPN from router to router, but then the big drawback all my non Media Browser traffic takes a performance hit going through the VPN.


I suppose an equally satisfactory alternative would be to authenticate by device so the cabin Roku would not need to use a password.


My network topology is roughly the following:


Home router/local network

--Living room: WMC main HTPC 

--Bedroom 1: Xbox running WMC/MB3

--Bedroom 2: Roku running MB3 channel


Cabin router/static ip

--Living room: Roku running MB3 channel


I don't mind typing a password in on computers/tablets with good keyboards, but the Roku leaves much to be desired in that respect.



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