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Filename not showing properly if between two tags


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I have some series with lots of episodes but MediaPortal and MB Classic is only showing the thumbs without filenames which make it hard to find an episode. After some experimenting by renaming a couple of files, I determine it was caused by the square brackets in the filename. These files had no problem in MB2.


Say I have media files with tags stored as:

\\fs\TV\Show 1 (2013)\

[tag1] file 01 [tag2].avi

[tag1] file [tag2] 02.avi


In both MB Web MediaPortal and MB Classic, file 01 would not show filename while file 02 would just show 02. MB seems to be ignoring any characters in between the 1st open and last close square brackets:

[tag1] filename 01 [tag2].avi -->

[tag1] filename [tag2] 02.avi -->  02


MB Server version: 3.0.5031.21343

MB Classic version: B10-3.1


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Recently upgraded to mediabrowser 3, and almost all my anime have empty filenames because of this issue. What I did to avoid the problem while we wait for a fix is to batch rename all the files.


Original Name : [Coalgirls]_Angel_Beats!_01_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[32AC756F].mkv  -> No name to display

Re-name:  Angel Beats! 01 (1920x1080 Blu-ray FLAC) [Coalgirls] [32AC756F].mkv   ->  Displays as: Angel Beats! 01 (1920x1080 Blu-ray FLAC)


Renamed using windows Powershell batch rename script, but even like  that it was time consuming, since even that tool failed to directly convert  "[" to "(", so I had to use different work arounds for a "working name". Ended up giving up and just renaming the shows that  are most likely to be watched in the month.

I have  thousands of files with different name structures, so yeah ...,, I'd rather patiently wait for you guys to fix this.

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Changed to Developer Channel Updates and file names for my anime are now showing on the latest version.

Thanks a lot! :D


There is a remaining issue though. Many anime fansubs use underscores "_" for naming the files.


Which looks like this on MB3S Version 3.0.5056.30327

Filename: [Zurako]_Usagi_Drop_01v2_(BD_720p_AAC)_[b9A54579]
Displays on MB3: _Usagi_Drop_01v2_(BD_720p_AAC)_


Is it posible to disregard the "_" and obtain a more aesthetically: Usagi Drop 01v2 (BD 720p AAC)



Also, I don't know if this is related to the filename, but when browsing MB3 on windows media center, I have duplicated information for each file.

For example, for the same file there are 2 entries:

One displays the proper information for the episode from tvmb, but the thumbnail is tagged with "missing" and a checkbox, and can't play the video.

The other displays no information, just the thumbnail and the filename: _Usagi_Drop_01v2_(BD_720p_AAC)_ , and can play the video.

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