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Windows Server Update on Nov 30 2014 Roku3 problems


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can you provide specific examples, perhaps with screenshots of the folders as well as what you see in the web interface? thanks.

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   After working perfectly for weeks, when the Media Browser updated on Nov 20 2014 all TV file folders showed empty, though movies still show.  Reinstalling the Server completely and starting over did not help.  This in on a Windows Vista computer.  My Windows 7 computer shows the TV files in their folders, but the streaming crawls making them unwatchable.  Movies work fine on both computers, though on Vista they are loading slowly.

   Telling the Server that the TV files are movies is working as a temporary solution.

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Here is the info you requested, Luke.


1. Adding a new TV folder with four files, using Firefox.




2.  Giving the folder location.




3.  Then chose to Scan, and restarted Media Browser.  The folder shows in Metadata Manager.




4.  The TV Folder is chosen to view from Browse Library.




5.  The TV Folder does not appear.




6.  On the TV via Roku 3




7.  The TV Library does not show here, either.




After this I removed the folder and inserted it again, this time choosing Movie as the category.  The files do show up and play on the TV, appearing as part of one large Movies folder even though several different folders were assigned as movie category.  This is a Windows Vista computer.  On my Windows 7 computer, the same problem occured with one difference - The separate Movie Category folders do show.

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A screenshot of the contents of one or two of the TV show folders and the main parent would probably be helpful.  It just looks like your TV items are not being properly recognized as TV.

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Here is the folder of the TV shows used in the previous post's pictures, showing two menus.

The top is accessed directly from the desktop where the folder resides.

Media Browser doesn't show the desktop immediately as windows explorer does, so it has to be accessed as computer, users, name, Desktop, folder.





However, before the Nov 30th upgrade, TV category folders were working correctly from anywhere on the computer;  the main (C:) partition, the secondary (D:) partition, and the desktop on both my windows vista and my windows 7 computer.  Now neither sees the TV category files.


  Though you would probably like to isolate the problem, I would like to suggest that you could make the pre-update program available with the auto-update feature turned off.


    Thanks for your effort.

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This morning my Windows 7 computer had Media Browser working perfectly.  I noticed it then updated and still works perfectly.


On the Windows Vista computer movie category files play fine, but TV category do not show in the Library.

I moved all media to the public user video folder on the computer, reinstalled Media Browser, and set up a movie and TV folder as follows:




When I click on the black bar's three vertical lines next to Media Browser movies show up in the Library, but TV shows empty:




On the TV set with Roku 3 the movie files play fine and TV files do not show.


I see that the Media Browser version on the Vista computer is 3.0.5445.6 while Windows 7 computer version is 3.0.5395.0


The only other behavior difference I see is that on the Vista computer the Media Browser Server runs until I tell it to exit, and the server on the Windows 7 computer exits by itself if not used for a minute or so.  Is there a setting for when to exit I'm not seeing?

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The media location for your TV category should be "C:\users\public\videos"  not the sub folder for the actual show.  Or, better yet "\\macinename\sharename" so that it can be accessed from other machines on your network running clients like MBT/MBC.

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     You've put me on the right path!  With my TV folders and Movie folder in "C:\users\public\videos" and not pointing to those subfolders, most of the TV files now appeared.  Surprisingly, the movie files now disappeared.

      So I placed all the TV folders into "C:\users\public\Recorded TV" and pointed to that main folder, giving me back the movies that are still in the video folder.  Finally, reading that the TV files need to be named in one of numerous possibilities, I have recoverd almost all of the TV files now.

      Why didn't I read directions to begin with?  Apparently these fairly strict rules for using Media Browser with my windows Vista 32 bit computer didn't apply to my windows 7 64-bit computer.  I would guess that the Media Browser version 3.0.5395.0 on the 7 computer is much more forgiving than the Media Browser version 3.0.5445.6 is on the Vista computer.


     Thank you.

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Yes, in order to be more compatible with more products and naming schemes we have been improving our parsing of file names but this also means it may be less lenient with unsupported ones.


I'm actually surprised you have it going on Vista at all but I guess the server is okay (as long as you get .net 4.5 on there).  Just FYI - MBC will not work on Vista and MBT may not either.

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