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Eliminate Season for no-season series MB server/clients


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I have a lot of documentaries with multiple episodes 2-30 but no seasons and ended. So a Season step is an extra click with the remote and a unnecessary view. It makes it a bit easier to navigate.


I suggest a feature to have the option to eliminate this for series with no seasons, and instead be able to chose the episodes directly in the first screen.


These does often have the .1of2. in their filename.

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MBT and the web client mostly.


I was thinking something where it was treated as a single season until you add s02/season 2 to the folder, or if it is single season and ended, then it would jump the season step.


I have been using WildRename, but it is less than optimal. The FileBot seems quite interesting. Thanks. It could be nice with a link to it in the Naming Tutorial (it would have saved me a lot time).

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