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New Upgrade is breaking WMC extenders!!


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Hi Everyone,


Yesterday, my MB Classic upgraded to the new version  The main WMC PC is running fine, however, the upgrade created show stopper issues on two type extenders attached to this PC as follows:



Extender works fine using WMC, but when you select MB Classic, it takes you to assigned account, but it logs you out (it kicks you out!) to log in screen after few seconds!  when you log in again, it repeats the process infinitely, rendering the system unusable.  (important:  if the account has a password, then it will not kick you out!)



Extenders effected:

1: Linksys e2100

2: Samsung MediaLive


Question:  How do I downgrade to the last version of MB Classic??  This is creating major issues for my kids as all their TV's are connected via extenders..


many thanks

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Hi Everyone again...   It is solved :)


There was an upgrade to the MB Server today, which resolved the login issue I had experienced on my extenders earlier... it is all working perfectly now..


Big thanks to the Media Browser team... :D

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