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choose a client error


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Having problems playing all files via "choose a client" to SAMSUNG LED & WDTV dnla (see pic).


If i use the phone to play to samsung tv (see pic)

If i use the phone to play on wdtv i get the error "this is sharing content from windows" on the tv screen

But Playing to WMClassic works fine & switches to remote view after selection.



PS... Samsung tv & media browser tv app work fine & plays the same files no issues

Playing the files direct on the phone also works fine.

If i use the PC to 'right click & play to' wdtv the files play ok too.

This seems confined to the green logo dnla items only.





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Can you try it again, when you get that message, can you then go to the about page and email the logs, need to see what the server is sending back (it's the server that's failing). You might also want to attach the server logs in this thread too.

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