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MediaBrowser sets seasons as series


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I have a problem that is about driving me insane...


I have a folder: \video\_TV shows\Krøniken (2004)

Within are 4 Season folders named "Season XX" and one specials folder.

"_TV shows" contain a collection.xml file.



Now the problem is that whatever I do it seems MediaBrowser thinks each of the season folder are a separate series. It creates series.xml files in each season folder.


I tried deleting everything and fixing the metadata with Media Center Master but when I do a rescan with MediaBrowser it re-creates series.xml files in each season folder and seems to ignore the series.xml made by MCM in the Krøniken (2004) folder.


I tried searching for "Krøniken" in the log file after a re-scan but I don't find anything, even with debug logging enabled.


Any advise is highly appreciated.

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Thank you!


I was under the impression that collection.xml was needed since the "video" folder contains several other folders?

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:unsure:  Dunno anymore. As far as I remember it solved other issues I was having with mixed folder levels. Perhaps I was abusing it somehow.


So in which situations is it appropriate? Only for "real" boxsets/film series (as Harry Potter e.g.)?

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I figured out where the idea came from. In media center master you can only access nested folders if you convert them to collections. MCM uses "collection" for any nested folder.

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