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VLC and mkv over network


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Not exactly a question about mb3 but I hope you can help me anyway.


I try to setup VLC 2.1 as external player but I have problems with mkv files over my network. VLC starts and instantly quits. I found out that there are problems with mkv files in VLC. When I try to start the video directly in VLC I get the following error message:


"VLC can not open the file %path_to_mkv% (bad file description" and


"VLC can not open the MRL %path_to_mkv%. See details in the error log"


(Translated from German)


This error only occurs with mkv files. Looks like there are some issues with user rights or something, but I can play avi files. Also I can play the avi files when I copy them to my local hard drive. Anyone knows what I can do to fix this?

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No, that's not the problem. There is no firewall active on this PC and this occurs only with mkv files. Avi files in the same location are played correctly.

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i use VLC as my default player in MBC and it plays all media types streaming over my network from my server - no issues at all...

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I guess i found the problem:


My folder structure looks like this:


- Media Center H

  - Serien

    - Adventure Time

      - Season 01

        - S01E01...avi

    - Breaking Bad

      -Season 05

        - S05E01...mkv

    - Friday Night Lights

      - Season 01

        - S01E01...mkv


I enabled folder sharing for the folder "Media Center H". I can play Adventure Time which is AVI and I can play Friday Night Lights which is MKV. I cant play Breaking Bad which is MKV too. I found out that I don't have the correct rights for the Breaking Bad Season folder for some reason, I can't copy files that are located in this folder to my HTPC. I don't know why, the folder sharing should be enabled for all subfolders in the same way but as far as I can see Breaking Bad Season 05 is the only folder that causes problems. Even the other season folders in the Breaking Bad folder are working properly.


Edit: I removed the complete folder from file sharing and set it up again. Now I can only see one episode in the Breaking Bad Season 05 folder and all other non-video files (cover, backdrops, subtitles etc.) There must be some issues with the other files but I can't see what it is.

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