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Feature Request - Screensaver text shadow


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Hi Guys


I thought possibly a drop shadow on the text or even a border around it in the screensaver might be good.

I have a lot of backdrop that are predominantly white and the text is unreadable.


I know this isn't something important but more of a nice to have for those movies / shows that pop up and peak your interest but can't see what they are.



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Is this dependant on anything ? As I can't see one on any of the PCs I have it installed on.

Everything seems to be plain white text. I've gotten right up to the screen on some monitors to the point I can see the pixels and there doesn't appear to be even a subtle shadow.


I understand this isn't a priority but I raised it as it's affecting the WAF. Not a big deal but when I'm trying to work and then have to browse through everything to find the movie with that guy that is in front of a car ... you know the one I mean,

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