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Problems playing Channels, or playing Trailers before movie


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Issue: until recently, everything was fine - MB was set up to play trailers before a movie, and I could browse channels like TwiT, Vimeo, and the Trailers channel. Then about a week ago, my Supporter license vanished from the server, and Channels and Trailers all vanished. I managed to resolve this by re-pasting my Supporter key to the server (similar to these issues), but ever since then, I've had issues of stuttering or non-loading trailers (usually the first frame loads and then it freezes, a bit similar to this issue).


At first I wondered if the deactivation of the license had affected the plugin, so I removed and reinstalled the Trailers plugin, but to no avail. I also noticed that other channels (TwiT, Vimeo etc) have also stopped being accessible or only partially load. YouTube videos play just fine in Chrome, so it's not a network or internet issue at my end. The problem affects local users on WMC as well as web users of the server.


Additional observation: possibly related, I did notice that even after disabling the Trailers plugin and restarting the server, it was still attempting to play trailers before movies. I could not find a correlation between Trailers and the trailer behaviour. I wondered if there might be a conflict with the Advanced Intros plugin, but after uninstalling that the behaviour was the same as before.


Environment: Windows 7

MB Server: 3.0.5424.1

Plugin: Advanced Intros

Plugin: Trailers 1.0.5400.40708 (Release)


Cinema Mode settings: Playback -> Cinema Mode

  • Internet trailers (all three checked)
  • Number of trailers to play (1)
  • Enable smart parental control (checked)
  • Only use trailers from unwatched content (checked)

Log files: here are the last few logs for yesterday and today

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If you have advanced intros installed, the cinema mode settings are ignored and it will be the intros settings that matter.


However, that should not affect playback at all.

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