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(ICE) Game Emulators and Steam

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So, while waiting for MBT to support PC games, I decided to switch over to steam for now, as I get tired of using MBT for emulators and having to jump into Steam for PC games. Anyway there's a nice little program that allows you to do such called Ice. It looks more complicated to setup than it actually is. It has 2 text files you will need to configure. And then a simple script will add the games to steam and download the artwork. They have a very nice written tutorial on the site if you click on "getting started".


There's a few things ill mention, first being that roms need to be all in 1 rom folder, not in their own game folder like you might do with MB. And 2nd ive noticed if you delete roms after they're added to steam, running the script again will remove them, as well as add any new games you've added. Also it automatically adds the games to steam in categories so it won't infest your normal PC collection. And lastly on the site if you click on "Emulators" they have a link to all the popular game emulators, as well as the proper "switch" to use.


Anyway, its nice to have all my games in 1 app for now while I wait on the awesomeness that is Gamebrowser to catch up.


Here's a quick vid of the games in Steam.

uploaded a new video, all tiles fixed and all games working.



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