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Playing the Latest Recording


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because of some problems with the "Windows 8" MediaBrowser on "Windows Technical Preview", I'm using the direct browser-based connection instead.


So far, playback is great, but it seems there's no easy way to go from the "Latest" page to directly play the latest recording from any series.


When I click on the "latest", it takes me to the full series listing, and I then seem to need to scroll down and click on the season, then scroll down to find the episode.


I am probably missing something but shouldn't the 'latest' view let me play the 'latest' episode directly?


Hopefully this is an easy thing that I'm just not seeing.


This is IE 11 on the Technical Preview of Windows 10.



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I'd like to second this question.


In one of the recent builds, the way in which MB seems to handle newly added episodes appears changed.


When viewing the Latest TV, we see the series images as usual 


However for example if I click on Elementary instead of bringing me directly to the newly added episode, it opens the season folder. 



This happens from any browser. The server is running on Version 3.0.5424.1 on Win 7 x64.

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