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Returning to "Home" screen when idle

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The app is working really well for me on both - android phone and android tv box.
I have a question about the apps as this is happening in both of them (and i suppose it has some logic in it) - when I play some music on the mobile app, then pause the app and after a while when i open again the Emby app it refresh itself and get me to home screen, clearing the queue and i cannot resume the music from where i paused.

I never close the app - it is working in background.

This is happening in both android on the mobile phone and android on TVBox. Is there some way to tell Emby app not to refresh and clear my queue?

Before I get here, i checked the settings on Android OS and turn off every settings it has for battery and power savers for the Emby app (and Emby app is always running in the background).

Best Regards,

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HI, pausing indefinitely for long periods of time is something that we need to look at improving on. Thanks for reporting.

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Thanks for the reply. I hope to get to it soon.

I have one or two more things to share which need improving, but will make different topics for them to be clearer. I am in process of building my smart home architecture and the server for accessing and managing digital media is crucial. Emby do really great job for that! There are some really small things (like the one mentioned above) which is working but are not stable enough and because of that i hope it will not be so difficult to upgrade them as you already build them :-).

Best regards and nice week.

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