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Next Season doesn't auto play


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I've got Emby running on a Linux server, updated to the current version. When I'm in a season, Emby auto-plays the next episode. At the end of the season, it just stops. It doesn't auto-play the first episode of the next season. Am I missing something to get that to happen?

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Hi there, can you please provide an example? What Emby app and version?

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This is on all of my Chromecast with Google TV. Here is what happens during all the episodes in the season except the last one.


And here is what happens on the last episode of the season. 



The next episode option doesn't show up. I have to manually go back, go to "Goto Show", select the next season,  then play the first episode. 

I know it's a little thing but it frustrates my wife to no end.

Thanks again!

~ David

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9 hours ago, Luke said:

What Emby app and version?

Click Cog icon top-right while on Home Screen, client app version will be noted bottom-right. You'd need at least beta 2.1.11:

2.1.11 (2 Apr)
  • Fix new releases on some systems
  • Allow next season in auto queue episodes
  • New option for showing missing episodes
  • Fix crash after direct entry
  • Add music videos to person view

You can either sign up for Beta testing through Google Play:

or sideload beta apk from here:


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