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Power Triggers, a guide for MCE sleep and subs users (sort of)

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MCE isn't the most reliable bit of software, especially after your system resumes from sleep/hibernation. ebr has suggested many times in the past to use the MCE Standby tool and there is a great tutorial on these forums for using such. This works great but isn't for all users because it isn't network aware, so if your HTPC doubles up as your server, it will go to sleep while your watching some thing elsewhere on the network. Again I think someone wrote a work around for this, which is also somewhere in these forums :)


I also use MCE Remote Plus to control subtitles in MB Classic. And for me at least, this works fine right up until the system goes to sleep/mce is restarted, at which point the program needs to be restarted before it responds to keyboard commands.


If any of the above sounds familiar, keep reading.




I've downloaded the above. It's a small footprint program that will open and close services and programs at suspend and resume. I've added ehshell (Media Center) and MCE Remote Plus to my "before suspend" list, and again to my "resume list" and so far, so good. 


Anyway, thought I'd share in case it's of use to someone else. Sorry if it's been posted before, but I don't recall seeing this mentioned anywhere here before.

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Out of curiosity, do you use MCE RemotePlus with the ffdshow option or DirectVobSub control?  And which OS are you using?


I attempted to use it with DirectVobSub and Windows 8.1 x64 and it just wouldn't do anything.

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DirectVobSub. Windows 7 32bit and 64bit (2 different HTPC's, 32bit is also the server).


I've simply bound it to KEY_S for toggle subtitles in MCE Remote Plus and it's working fine for me, other than if MCE is restarted or the system goes to sleep. I also use it at a customers house, Win 7 64bit again, and have the S key bound to his harmony remote. 

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