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MBS - Metadata Manager - Date added - batch


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Hi there,

I am pretty sure I've been inflicted with an MBCCS (Media Browser Content Curation Syndrome). I enjoy organizing my library more than I enjoy ... enjoying it.

It would be lovely to have a feature to modify "Date added" for multiple items in one go.


Examples of why this batch feature would be beneficial:

  1. One ripped multiple old DVD, BluRay and does not want it to flag as "new/latest"
  2. One ripped old TV Show season(s) and does not want it to flag as "new/latest"
  3. One had to redo Media Browser Server and now "Date added" has the same date for all content after the first scan. One wants to easily and quickly change what's "New/Latest" and whats not.



Currently, you can select and change "Date Added" for a Folder, but that clearly does not do anything for the sub folder items.

Also, one can select multiple items using a SHIFT key but this does not apply changes to the all items.


Thank you:)


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  • Solution

Have you considered the plugins "TimeLord" and TimeLord Movies", look in the Plugin catalog.  Added date is changed to original release/air date, not date added or modified.



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