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Firewall and MB3 connection problem


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I am using AVG Internet Security 2014.
MB3 version = 3.0.5416.0

I cannot connect to this server nor internally nor externally.

If I turn off my firewall (AVG) than I can connect without any problem.

'MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe' is marked as 'trusted' (exception list) but connection is still not possible (with firewall on).

Ports 8096 and 8945 are open in my router.

What am I doing wrong?

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You'll need to setup a rule in the firewall that allows our specific program TCP and UDP traffic on port 8096.  We do this automatically for the standard windows firewall but can't always do it for the 3rd parties.

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Thanks chief...


I tried to setup this rule in AVG for MB3 bit it did not work after all...


until I added my local IP-range into the white list of IP-addresses and that did it !


I removed than the rules and connection is still going on fine...


I suppose there is no harm in putting the local IP-range into the white list? (no security vulnerablities I hope?)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just wanted to add something I experienced:

I found that in my firewall software, it gives me the option to set both local and remote ports in the application rules.  If I set any remote ports (8096), the rule would prevent MB3 remote-connect and the iOS app etc. from working.  By only listing the port as a local port, it works fine.


Hope this helps anyone else who found this topic via search, and is frustrated thinking they have it all set up properly like I was.

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