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GameBrowser - Sega CD Extension .Cue Support


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Can we have .cue support added for Sega CD, please? The server is picking up the .bin files just fine but Sega CD requires the cue for games that contain tracks such as .wav, .mp3 etc.

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I found  a work around for this problem.


If gamebrowser can't see the game else skip to step too


Step 1. create a empty file and name it "gamename.bin" or whatever extension  same name as your cue file. In your game folder this is done only so Gamebrowser will see the game.


What game browser looks for

3DO = bin,iso
neogeo CD = iso
GameCube = img,bin,iso
Sega CD = img,bin,iso
Dreamcast = CDI
Sega Saturn = img,bin,iso
Playstation = img,bin,iso
TurbografxCD = bin,iso


Step 2 configure plugin on client and instead of just using emulator.exe "{rom}" to launch use something like.


Emulator Location:




-scd -auto -fullscreen "{romFolder}\{romNameNoExt}.cue"


And SonicCD now has Music



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This worked for me but now all games have multiple parts when i try and play. I click the play button and it will have a part 1 and part 2. Does anyone else have that problem?

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