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Changing menu entries

Peter Nent

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Peter Nent

Using 'app settings', 'start screen' gives a user some kind of possibility to change the menu, but not as I need: is there any way to change an entry to another main menu entry ?

Background: The current Live TV menu - recorded, is not to my expectations: when showing the recorded Live-TV, it is not grouped by serie (or any other way), but all shown....thats not what MCE did and what I expect: it should show the series, and if you choose a certain serie, it should show the sorted (from new-to-old or...) list of episodes and let you choose...


As I made a Emby library myself called TV-recordings, exactly this way, I've created an alternative....but:

Question: how to set this 'mixed- type' into the Live-TV menu ?

OR better: is there an initiative to improve the current Live-TV recording this way ?


Thanks & best regards, Peter 

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