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Q: Which of the Web App URLs should I use - http or https ?

A: The basic rule is simple: If you connect to your server via https and a DNS name, use https://wmc.emby.media/app/ - otherwise use http://wmc.emby.media/app/ 

The https URL also works when you connect to the server via localhost, but not for other LAN IP addresses (or host names).


Q: Does it run on phones and tablets?

A: It is currently not restricted from running, but touch input is not supported yet and portrait screens won't be.


In detail:

  • Smart Phones
    Are generally not suitable targets and not intended to become specifically supported. The WMC UI cannot work in portrait screen orientration and in landscape mode, elements are usually too small.
    But there are exceptions: When you connect your phone to a TV or other display like with HDMI and you have a keyboard or remote control connected (e.g. via Bluetooth or USB), then it could work nicely
  • Tablets
    Touch input doesn't work well, but is planned to support it at a later stage.
    Currently, you need a keyboard or remote control connected (e.g. via Bluetooth or USB) for reasonable use


Q: How can I report a bug?

A: Please create an issue report in the GitHub repository

Go here and click on "New Issue": https://github.com/EmbySupport/Emby.WMC.UI/issues

  • Please create a new entry for every problem you see, no matter which kind - can be errors, unexpected behavior, visual glitches, etc.
  • Please check first, whether an entry already exists for the same problem
  • If you think an existing entry is the same, but the situation is slightly different, you can add a message to the existing issue or create a new one, we'll then find out whether it's different or same


Q: How can I request a feature?

A: You can propose it here in the forum or create an issue in the GitHub repository

Feature requests are tracked here: https://github.com/EmbySupport/Emby.WMC.UI/labels/feature request

If you propose here in the forum, I'll create an entry when it's acceptable.


Q: What kind of feature requests are acceptable?

A: Feature requests need to meet a certain set of criteria

These are the rules we are following:

  • Deviations from WMC are fine when it's about Emby features for which no matching equivalent exists in WMC
    (i.e. features that WMC didn't have)
  • Deviations from WMC are also okay when prerequisites are not fulfilled on which WMC could rely on
    (for example like having an MCE remote with all the buttons, or Emby being client/server or platform not Windows, etc.)
  • Feature requests requiring extra-coding are okay when it's about doing something in a WMC way
  • Not acceptable are requests for features which WMC didn't have and which the regular Emby client doesn't have either
    We don't want to have any competition in features between the core app and the WMC UI 
    Like in the private beta, the answer will always be: Please request that feature for the regular client, then we can add it to the WMC UI (or it might even become available there automatically)



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