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Emby WMC UI: Welcome to the Public Beta!


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Welcome to the WMC UI Public Beta!

Thanks for your interest in the WMC UI and for being part of this!

Your help and feedback is important and essential for getting this to perfection and ironing out all those things that one alone can't find and identify as everybody has different setup and different ways of using Emby.

There are two places for interaction and communication:


Issues are used for tracking work that needs to be done

  • Please create a new for every problem you see, no matter which kind - can be errors, unexpected behavior, visual glitches, etc.
  • Please check first, whether an entry already exists for the same problem
  • If you think an existing entry is the same, but the situation is slightly different, you can add a message to the existing issue or create a new one, we'll then find out whether it's different or same

WMC UI Forums

We’re using the forums as a place for general communication like:

  • Publishing announcements about when updates are published
  • Asking questions about the WMC UI
  • Sharing ideas and suggestions

Please always start a new topic for a new subject and let's try to avoid endless conversations which are "about everything"

Platform Availability

The WMC UI Beta is currently available in the following forms:


Web Browser & Installable Web App

Web Browser

There's an http and an https URL available:


Emby Theater WMC (Windows)

ClickOnce Installation (auto-updating)

Portable Installs

These are useful to test or compare specific versions or in case of issues with ClickOnce installation. They can be found in the Releases section: https://github.com/EmbySupport/Emby.WMC.UI/releases

Just unzip and run.


Emby WMC (Android)

The app version can be installed in parallel to the regular Emby Android App and the ATV app. Please side-load the app by using the matching APK.

The APKs can be found in the Releases section: https://github.com/EmbySupport/Emby.WMC.UI/releases


The Android app is limited by date, so that it is working within 10 days after release. We'll try to always have a new release ready before the previous one expires. 


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