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Explaining what is "Member" group and why some actions be done lately


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Good day,

I will explain and clear the confusing and misunderstanding about the group "Member".

1 - When you register at Emby Community support forum, you place at that group, from 0 to 25 posts you are "Member", when over 25 posts you will move to the group "Members". We have other groups as well, but our subject here the "Member" group with 0 post.

2 - Why sending "Force Password Reset" for that group and ONLY with zero post:

We notice for the past month that some groups of spammers posting from these accounts, as we all know, many using same email/username/password in multi sites, and if one of these sites get breached and info get published on the net, any spammers can use that. either to spam any community or worst, attacking the members here with any posts they made, these kind of spammers do not care if they get banned or not.

Any community faced that, normal will ask their members to force change their password, in OUR case here, the "Member" group with ONLY zero post.

3 - Why now start to deleting accounts for "Member" group with ONLY zero post from year 2013 to 2017:

We notice from many replies when we did the force password reset, that many do not know if they ever had accounts here, In this deleting steps, we want to make sure that whom register here are the real user, not someone else using their info.

After many confusing, I hope this thread clear the matters.

Thanks all.

My best


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