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Overnight recordings stop after 6 minutes

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I have the following configuration:

Windows 11 Home 22H2
Emby Server 4.7.10
Next PVR Plugin
NextPVR 6.1.1 (221106)

My problem is that recordings scheduled for the middle of the night stop after 6 minutes (they start 5 minutes before the programme starts, in case that's relevant). These are radio shows, I haven't tried with TV shows yet. If I schedule a radio recording during the day it works fine, the whole programme is recorded. The 6 minutes that is recorded is fine too. The server runs all the time so there's no sleeping or waking up to contend with.

I've attached the Emby log and also the NextPVR log for one of these recordings.


nrecord.log embyserver.txt

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That appears to be a NextPVR issue, you will need to report it on the NextPVR forum with the complete zipped logs.


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Just to confirm that the problem was a bad TV tuner card. The problem occurred again and I could see that one of the two tuners was failing to record. I disabled it in NextPVR and recordings worked OK for a while then the other tuner started failing as well. I have now binned the TV tuner card and replaced it with an HDHomeRun with which I'm very happy.

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