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Emby Server 4.7.10 - Library Improvements & LiveTV/DVR Fixes


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Emby Server 4.7.10 - Library Improvements & LiveTV/DVR Fixes

This is the latest point release of Emby Server.  It's a small maintenance release, containing improvements to existing functionality as well as fixes for user identified issues.

Improvements to Library Functionality
Improvements have been made to library functions to reduce triggering events that don't need to be processed multiple times.  This can reduce false RTM events, pulling subtitles, updating Trakt or other similar plugins as well as stop un-needed notifications from Webhooks and other notification plugins. This is done by implementing a delay before triggering new item additions until after the metadata has download and been processed.

LiveTV/DVR Improvements and Fixes

We corrected a translation issue that could sometimes print HeaderLiveTV instead of LiveTV on the home screen for non-English systems.

A fix has been made to stop intermittent recording issues that happen when the series keep episode limit is set to only one.

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