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Hello everyone,


Is there a "Date Played" on items on Android TV app of Emby.?

I know I can sort by last played, and i know there is a Date Added and i also know that there is a Played check-mark.  But is there a "Date Played", and if yes, were can I find it.


I am a very long time user of Emby, and was happy using the Emby Classic, which as a platform, died few years ago...  I truly enjoyed the "Date Played", which is normally displayed in the played progress bar.  So, when I open the details view of an item that is already played, it will show me the date I played that movie, and that's such a satisfying feeling remembering when you viewed that movie last, e.g. "oh, I saw that movie Christmas before last, etc etc."


if this function exists in Emby Android TV app, can someone please point it out to me.. if it does not exists, where can i go to request this functionality.


Many thanks

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6 hours ago, ebr said:

Hi.  We no longer display this in any of the apps.  There is an open FR for it though.


I think it is a great feature for the people who know about it already, and it will be even bigger "need" for the people who will discover it new..    It is really attractive when you are able to link your memory to Emby... Emby becomes your memory assistant 😀

Hey ebr, what is the best way to "motivate" the team to try to slip this "feature" in to the interface.  It could be done easily...  Just replace the current static text of "Played" with check-mark and "Date played",  which is already stored someplace as you are able to sort by it. (or displayed while you hover or long press)  


Sorting by date played, or viewing the plug-in server report for played by date is not the same.  you want to browse your movies, and while you are browsing, see a check mark for played movie, and then say... "when did i watch that??" and have the answer in one click.

I went on the above discussion, but it seems like it died 2 years ago.. Shall I start a new topic?.. Shall i speak to anyone in particular.  I don't think it is hard to do, I just think the team does not see a value in it, when in fact it is extremely valuable as it extends "Emby" to be part of the memory of it users...  (like being able to go through you past text messages to understand your journey in the last few years.. extremely powerful tool.  



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10 hours ago, aziz said:

Shall I start a new topic?

No, please don't start a new topic.  You can continue discussion in that one.


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