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Chessdragon136 - Are you still here?

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Hi Chessdragon136.


Hope you're feeling better.


Your "Still Here" post has been deleted, so wondering if you're back online again :)


Speak soon.



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  • 2 weeks later...

NE1 heard from @Chessdragon136 ?


Here is hoping he is doing well and that maybe he'll continue on this make it available for others to either assist or continue his fine work. 



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I am here - Sorry I haven't been around much, I ill try to be more around. Just not easy currently!

Hope you're feeling better.


All still working for me, so no rush, only when you're ready.

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Glad to see you back around.


Loving the app and have it on 2 TV's and a BD Player.


Take your time and stick with what is really important.




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