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Emby Premiere does not accept the key


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F-4-423 TOS 5.0.176. I insert a valid Premiere key from Emby, but premium functions are still blocked on the NAS server. However, if you go through http://app.emby.media/ then Emby's website "sees" that premium is activated. All client devices (Android TV) receive premium from the NAS server without problems.

But when logging in directly to the NAS via premium functionality is not available.

TerraMaster technical support advised: "Go to Control Panel - Shared Folders and delete "Emby". Then uninstall the Emby app, clear the browser cache and reinstall it."

Unfortunately, it didn't help.

I even reinstalled the OS and created a new profile in Google Chrome to guarantee a clean cache and cookies.

Скриншот 07-11-2022 14.14.33.png

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