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Thinking about implementing text display separation between contents


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Hey ,
I think should consider implementing a separation between contents and that they be divided into categories.
Movies, series and TV shows together
Live TV

And this is to have the correct text language for each category.
Obviously, movie and TV series content cannot comprehensively match music content in terms of text display.

A very small example and I have many more. But just for the sake of explanation.
Let's say I stopped in the middle of watching a movie - so when I want to continue watching, it should probably say - "Continue watching"
And let's say I stopped listening to the song in the middle - so when I want to continue listening, it should probably say "continue listening"

So I think the language of the text in the display should be separated and adapted to each content category.

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Sorry do not follow.   Are you saying you want more Continue xxxxxx catagories?

Video will fall under Continue Watching while audio will fall under Continue Listening.  But the majority of audio tracks will not meet the Resume threshold.  But currently only applies to audiobooks as Music tracks do not have Resume capabilities.



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