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FR: Advanced Intro Plugin - Play offline/downloaded trailers only


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With the inception of the new trailer plugin, i cant quite do what i previously did with trailer intros. I asked ebr about this but he mentioned I would need support.


I would really like the option to specifically play offline/downloaded trailers only, as an intro from a specific location. Luke did a great job with the streaming side of trailers, but I do miss the high quality trailers for my intros i can only get from downloading them. I take quite a bit of pride in the presentation of my media, and the streaming trailers are quick but on a bigger screen they dont look nearly as good as the downloaded versions (which is to be expected), i miss the pristine trailers you get from downloading them.

I should also cross reference with this post since I currently cant download specifically from "new and upcoming movies" only trailer plugin.




I did try to  set the plugin to "Play any number of videos from a specific location" but unfortunately it then displays the downloaded trailer information by their filename (ex. aa9bd6ea327ea5834dfd3afd6620af08.mov) which was disappointing when displaying eye candy before a movie.

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