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Media Browser isn't responding - In Recorded TV

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I get the above message when trying to fast forward to skip adds in my recorded TV. This used to work in earlier versions.

I can pause the TV once then the app locks up with the above message. The only way to open the app is to swipe it off the Recent Apps window, and re-start it.

In all other video play areas everything is working fine.


I'm on Version 2.0.85


Added: The above occurs with the default of leaving HLS on.

When I turned HLS off the app hangs immediately when trying to play recorded tv.

Prior to version 2 this setting played best.

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I don't want to pester, but will there be a fix for the above problem. I see there are several other reports of this problem in other MB forums

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Thanks Luke, I knew you and the other developers would be working on it. It's just that the forum had gone a bit quiet in relation to the android app. :)

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