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[RFE] Add function to UI to move media from one library to another


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Hi All,

I had my emby-server down for several months, and was very happy to see many small tweaks and also larger enhancements when I installed the latest version. Great Job.

I found several things that I thought could be useful, here is one of them:

I would like to have a function in the user-interface (UI) to move media from one library to another library. I have tried to illustrate an example here (in red):image.thumb.png.fe218ff2f130cc83561934bb0da7f32d.png

Currently, I have to do that on a filesystem level, and only I can do that. Adding that to the UI would enable other users to do that as well (with sufficient privileges).

Once the destination is picked, a new dialog should pop up, what the transfer-request should move on the file-system basis:


I hope that my idea is not totally absurd and finds many supporters!

Thank you all!



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Hi, there's already an open request for this or something functionally equivalent. Please join in and contribute to the existing discussion at:


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