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Emby disappeared


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Everything was working fine yesterday.   Today my Emby settings were gone.   Nothing.,   The APP was still there but I was presented with a fresh start dialog box and all of my library, paths, collections etc were all gone.  Like I'm starting from Day One.

I had the server on a Mac-Mini M1 and several remote devices (Apple TVs primarily).

I have been doing backups daily --- what can I do to restore it?    I have a lifetime membership so it should be OK with that.   I am not sure but I think we had a brief power loss based on my computers being rebooted.

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On 9/21/2022 at 1:15 AM, Luke said:

Is it possible that it ran and wiped out the server's data folde?

No....Time Machine is read only.   


At any rate, I started from scratch and am up and running again.   

But, I have switched to Infuse for movie watching.   Emby buffers and stops frequently and is unwatchable.   Infuse works fine......

Any help text I can use to troubleshoot playback issues?

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