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Audio metadata "Date", "Original Year", "Original Release Date"


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I have mp3 and flac files. I use MusicBrainz and Picard to manage metadata for my files. I noticed recently that MusicBrainz writes three different metadata for dates.

* Date = when this particular version of the release was released (for example, a 1962 recording released again in 2014 on CD)

* Original Year = when the music was first released (continuing above example, 1962)

* Original Release Date = like Original Year, but includes month.

The 'Date' is an old metadata piece and is kind of ambiguous. Emby only looks at that date. How do I get Emby to look at "Original Year" instead if it exists, so that it matches what Musicbrainz does?

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Hi, please take a look at the discussion here: 



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