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Plex hacked and down currently


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12 minutes ago, ng4ever said:

Does anyone know who is behind the Plex hack ?



God??? ;)

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2 hours ago, serpi said:

How about server features like hardware encoding, LiveTV, DVR?

Basically the same.  Again, it depends but assume at least a week.

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I would like to propose an idea to the developers. BTW, thank you for being here to listen to your clients.

Please correct me if any of my information is incorrect.
I read somewhere that, the reason a "lifetime" subscription needs to be verified with your servers every 3 weeks or so, is that P.O.S. people will buy a Lifetime subscription and then claim it was a  fraudulent purchase on their account and request a refund. Or something like that.
There is a length of time, that request can occur. For example, 9 months later and beyond, this request can not be fulfilled by any credit card or bank card I know of as they will claim too much time has passed since the purchase to claim fraud.

I agree sinking to the lowest common denominator (P.O.S. people), is probably the best way to keep your hard earned money but penalizing the honest people for the actions of the worst seems a little too much.
How about making lifetime subscription verifiable for the first year, when someone call call fraud, and after that it is free and clear not needing to be verified?
This seems to fit the developers needs without inconveniencing the needs of people that choose to live Off Grid or do not have internet after the first year.

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Since there isn't a great place for Emby related "off topic" discussion, and this probably doesn't warrant it's own topic... but I officially deleted Plex off my NAS this morning.  I've had it disabled for probably the last month or so just to make sure Emby could live on it's own and do everything that I need from it.  Very happy to say I'm a "one media server software" user now finally. 😄

Thanks to the team here for all the help over the last, probably, year or so!  For my purposes, it's like night and day how far Emby has come in that time.  It's always been pretty good with the video playback and client support, but was unusable before for casting music around my house and it's darn near perfect now.  Hopefully continue getting even better.

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