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Playing Radio - Black Screen also no catchup


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I use emby to listen to the radio a lot and the screen is simply an empty black screen when playing. So i think the screen is off when it actually isnt. With video this is normal as you want to see the video. However with radio there is nothing there. With other software if its tv it doesnt show anything but with radio, ie no video, it does show a logo. perhaps a check if no video show a logo?

Also when you press play and pause it correctly stops and then plays. If you go away and come back it starts off at the last pause point, which is correct but this could be playing radio from several hours ago so a button to go "live" to "catch up" to the latest playing/correct time would be good. There are already fast forward 10 second and rewind 10 second so another button with fast forward to current live playing would make sense.

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