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Playback problem


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I'm on holiday and I want to read my movie on a Samsung TV.
Emby is installed on my TV
Down on my holiday's room is 20 mbps
Up on my server is 600Mbps

When I want to watch movie I always have the blue circle after few minutes.
Tested on My mac (Macook Pro 15) and on Samsung TV too.

Last version of Emby Server

Have you an idea ? 


ffmpeg-directstream-b6516068-325f-411b-8c18-20bc2bf29275_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-dd28f89c-2ed7-4f9c-b08e-8d787a1ce45b_1.txt embyserver.txt

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Hi, it could be network related. You could try lowering the in app quality setting a little bit more and see if that resolves it.

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