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update BlurayMounter.dll to support UHD BDMV folder


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Now Emby can get the correct information for most of 1080P BDMV Folder movies ,including duration, audio track, subtitles, etc. It can also stream it correctly.

But when it comes to UHD BDMV Folder movies, it doesn't work。In emby's log we found

System.Exception: Clip info file 00000.clpi has an unknown file type HDMV0300.


1080P Bluray to 4k UHD Bluray doesn't change much structurally.  The HDMV0300 and HDMV 0200 are basically unchanged, at least during from bdmv folder find the correct mt2s to stream。

Most files can be easily supported by modifying the BlurayMounter.dll as follows:



It doesn't look very simple. Modify the code in these two places, most UHD can scan the correct  media information and stream normally。


Although mkv is popular now and in the future,

although Luck once replied this "the feature of bluray support has always been experimental and the BDInfo library is no longer being developed by the original author."

I wish Emby would make a small change.


Thank you very much !

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Hi there, yes it's certainly possible for future updates. Thanks.

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8 hours ago, SikSlayer said:

*Inserts GIF of someone begging*




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