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h264 and mov video playback issues


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I can play 4k movies and mkv 1080p movies just fine, but when I play .h264 and .mov home videos they freeze every other second. the only way I can get it to work is to turn the quality down to 1080p 20mbps. Its annoying because when I want to watch 4k movies I have to turn it back up to 4k 120mbps. Auto mode wont fix it eather. Fore some reason thoose h264 and .mov file types make my network connection speed go to like 760mbps in task manager/performance. its so high that I think it chocking the video. but when I play any 4k or other 1080p its only at around 60mbps. I have tried every setting in emby theater and emby server. Its only happening when emby server streams to other computers in my house. bust when emby and emby theater are in the same computer they all play fine.

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