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Video not playing smoothly on Android App


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Emby server version:

Android Version: 12

Android App Version: 3.2.56

Video plays smoothly on

  1. VLC media player (windows)
  2. Emby web app (windows & android)

It doesn't play smoothly on the emby android app;  it's playback is jittery and slow and audio is non-existent. I have tried changing the quality from auto (direct playback) to 720, 480 and even 240, but it didn't resolve the issue. Other videos are playing well.

Couldn't find android logs (This 'how to report an android problem' needs to be updated, it also isn't visible in dark mode). But found some logs from desktop of today's date, which I uploaded.

Video Details:


Codec: H264
Profile: High
Level: 41
Resolution: 1280x582
Aspect Ratio: 640:291
Interlaced: No
Framerate: 25
Bitrate: 1 mbps
Color Primaries: bt709
Color Space: bt709
Color Transfer: bt709
Bit Depth: 8 bit
Pixel Format: yuv420p
Reference Frames: 1


Codec: AAC
Profile: LC
Layout: 5.1
Channels: 6 ch
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Sample Rate: 44,100 Hz
Default: Yes

ffmpeg-transcode-e7b46c27-25d2-4363-9196-c8ef1775374d_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-b4315183-eb02-4f29-8900-168dec80d5ef_1.txt ffmpeg-directstream-28930467-c4a1-4b4a-b3ca-a32d5ad8903b_1.txt hardware_detection-63793872905.txt embyserver-63793872877.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a6a51b4f-9ee3-4457-be03-7b8d05e36265_1.txt embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-6e4edbe5-aa3e-48c8-afff-7f0342ac3f13_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-70a18826-5ecf-43a5-a00b-0cc4f16f962a_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-40f64932-6136-4b99-a526-37aff739a4f5_1.txt

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Hi, you have the in-app quality setting set really low, which generally shouldn't be necessary on the local network.  I would try setting it back to Auto and see if that helps. If it doesn't, then please provide a server log example from that. Thanks.

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Posted (edited)

Hey, thanks for the reply. So did some trials and it seems that whenever I plug in my earphones, this strange phenomenon occurs; Without earphones, it plays normally. Whilst other videos aren't affected by earphones whatsoever. It also isn't influenced by the quality of the video.

embyserver.txt hardware_detection-63793929443.txt

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New findings
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I installed the one from the link (3.2.62) and unfortunately it didn't make any difference.

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