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Consistent season poster picker across all seasons of a show


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Ive been tidying up  my tv metadata and realised that most shows do not have season posters which are consistent with each other.

It would be useful if for a selected show:

  • Display internet provider images for each season line by line, horizontal scroll to see all images for the season
  • vertical scroll to see all seasons
  • toggle to display other languages or not (default)

so that the operator can quickly see and select (and download) what the best consistent season posters are for a show.

It is quite common for a series of poster styles to not be complete across all seasons and dipping in an out of each season it hard to see at a glance what poster styles are complete and which one is favourite (Eg no tag lines, no media boxet icons, best style). Take a look at house of cards...how long it takes to determine a consistent / good season poster set.








thanks for considering..perhaps more suited to a plugin

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