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4K content to 1080p TV - Transcoded as expected, but a bug with level


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I haven't got the logs now and I've recoded the videos to standard HD to take this issue away...

Anyway, I think there is a bug. Basically I use Cinema Intros and Vantage Point.

The Apple TV 4K is set for 1920x1080 50 hertz as that is the highest resolution the TV supports . Some of my videos were 4K (emby feature presentation bumpers!). The NAS box Synology DS2415+ correctly decided to transcode the content, but the Apple TV just sat there, and the emby transcode logs protested about an incorrect level 5.0 profile (probably from the 4K video), being not compatible for the device. So I think its transcoding but not reducing the profile level for an expected one for HD?

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