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HEVC Profile Main 10 / QSV Hardware Transcoding / staircase effect


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10 minutes ago, softworkz said:

The smoothness of edges like we see in the first 30s is just one little aspect out of a large range of other criteria.

Furthermore, this is unnatural and you'll hardly find any scenes in the movie itself where this would play an important role.
Important are other things. Once you stop fixating on the intro and start comparing other scenes with jf, you'll most likely a very different view on this subject.
(...maybe, you will even agree that Emby's decision to scale down is even a better choice in this case)

Yes, you may be right, I won't deny that. It's often the case that when you fixate on a "problem" you make it bigger than it actually is.


10 minutes ago, softworkz said:

We need to change this in Emby server to avoid combining scaling and format conversion in a single filter operation (except on the latest CPUs).

Ok, I'll wait for a fix then.
In any case, I am infinitely grateful for your efforts, that you took care of the problem and didn't give up so quickly 😄

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Problem was fixed in version beta 😄

Have tested it with several movies in the format HEVC profile Main 10.
Hope the fix is then also adopted in the next stable release.


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