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6.2.17 watched status not updated on Emby server


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I have two Odroids connected to the same Emby server with Emby Next Gen 6.2.17 installed. When I set the watched status it works fine locally but it's not being sent to the Emby server and it is not reflected there or on the other Odroid. 

Should I use a newer version 7xxx even though it is described as to unstable and not to be used in production? 

Or is Emby/Embycon the way to go? I guess I have to on my C2 with Kodi 18 if next gen doesn't work in the 6xxx versions. 

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7.x is already quite stable for regular use cases (addon mode). Native mode is not very well tested, however you can try 7.x but ONLY SUPPORTS KODI 19.

You can also send me a kodi.log from 6.x version for review.

Of course Embycon is also possible, it's designed differently than e4k. E4k syncs Emby servers content to Kodi's database while Embycon uses a "direct" connection to Emby server.

So depends on your usecase.


Yes 7.x is not in the repos at the moment, but it's available if you install it manually.

if 6.x is already installed: Kodi -> addons -> install from zip -> kodi.emby.media -> public testing

if not, you can install from zip file "manually" network share or Kodi's home folder, whatever.

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