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Launching MBC and/or MBT directly from your Logitech Harmony Remote


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A little tutorial for you all to launch MBC or MBT directly using a Logitech Harmony Remote, without having to write batchfiles, use 3rd party applications like intelliremote etc.


If you have a Logitech Harmony Remote then this will (should) work for you, if you haven't already done it.


Note: If you already have your MCE device set as MCE SE(special edition) you may not need to follow this tutorial from the beginning.  Also it will add buttons to your "Additional Buttons" tab under your activity but these are easily deleted. It will not remove the buttons you already have saved.


First off Open up the Logitech Harmony Remote Suite


Then go straight to your devices after logging in and hit the settings button for your MediaCenterPC device.




Next Select the "Set up this device base on another" click next




Select the "I Don't have a remote" - this is important in order for the next step




Click on the "View more similar devices" and a dropdown will appear.  Ensure you select Microsoft Windows Media Center SE, this will add the extra options to you button mappings for you to chose from. Then Click Next after you have selected this.




**These next step will set your Remote up so that you can Launch Media Browser from the Activity Menu.... Watch TV, MediaBrowser, Listen to Music, Listen to iPod etc.  Cool huh!!**


Now Select **Redo Setup for this Device** then follow the next few slides as they are shown. Until you get to the one with the writing on it.












On the next screen click next and then read on






Ok now this next slide is important as this will set you up to Launch MediaBrowser from the quicklaunch panel next to the StartMenu Orb.  It's fairly self explanitary but you do have to put the MBClassic.exe shortcut in the QuickLaunch. The example below show how to set up MBC to launch using the Green button (MCEStartPage normally).  


You could use Movies Button to launch MBT if you so desired by adding MBT to position 2 in the quick launch and setting Movies to Win+2.


This way you could have both MBC and MBT setup on your Logitech.




And thats you done.  Go and check your activity buttons and get them back to normal and then update your remote.  You are done.


Here is a list of what all of the extra mapping features allow you to do.




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