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I am new to Emby and I've set up my server, I'm using it with infuse but for some reason some movies I try to play lag. The movie i currently am trying to watch is X-men a 4k version, but the movie only plays at about 15fps for a short while and then the picture freezes (audio keeps playing). So i tried with a couple other movies some 4k and som in lower res and they played fine. If i try to play it on for example my computer it works fine. I've also tried installing the Emby app on my Apple Tv, here the movies just plays at between 5-15fps (@ 4k res). Home network quality is set to 4k 120 Mbps in playback on the comnputer, but I can't set anything on Infuse, on the Emby app I have it set to 1080p 60Mbps as it is the highest it will go for me. 

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